Friday, June 24, 2011

Norther Ireland Auto Trader Ad

heres an ad i directed for NI AUTOTRADER, its been on the telly and everything. Big special chanks to all who helped, especially conall kelleher and Brunella!!


to celebrate having over 100 followers a mon petit blog, i'm gonna do a mega giveaway. first 3 peeps to leave a comment below get a drawing/ something nice in the post! here's a photo of a wall painting i did upstairs at the Little Green Gallery..


Hello. Here's that Lush video I made for Lush a while back...

Oh and wouldjah lookitt- here are some photos, most of which are of the Geodesic globe under construction which was mad hard and full of maths but deeply satisfying to make.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Heyahoii, I've been busy since my last update.. I've directed my first proper commercial thats on the telly for Northern Irish Auto Trader! Soon to be posted. I've also been to Annecy Animation Film Festival where my flimm Fluffy Mc Cloud was playing and I've been to Edinburgh on a film making workshop type thing all paid for bythe EU! Now I'm home and tomorrow night (thursday 23rd june) there'll be free booze n cheep art (MY ART- original drawings) for sale at the newly to be opened LittleGreen Street Gallery from7pm. Stuff below is whats for sale